Sunday, 17 November 2013

Fujian TV lens GDS-35 35 mm 1:1.7 [C-mount]

Here's one of the most common and cheapest ones... I introduce you Fujian TV lens 35 mm 1.7 with c-mount thread. You probably have heard of it, because internet is full of all kind of tests and descriptions of this particular construction. What's so amazing about it?

  1. PRICE! It's about $25 lens on eBay.
  2. SIZE! It's so small that you can take it in your pocket next to your smartphone. Really nice!
  3. QUALITY! Or lack of quality or... whatever. It's unique! Swirly bokeh, paper thin focus plane. It's impossible to describe it. You just have to see it.
  4. SPEED! 1.7 - nice :)
Panasonic Lumix G2 with Fujian TV lens 35 mm 1.7 (c-mount > M4/3 adapter)

This lens is definitely much better for APS-C sensor than Micro 4/3 one. Why? Because bigger sensor gives you the opportunity to get all the near-to-edge optical flaws. M4/3 uses smaller sensor so those miracles don't appear on your photos. Yet, it's still lovable to use. 
I'm still waiting for my Fujian 25 mm 1.4, which covers a narrower area, so the vignetting and blurs are more visible.

I must admit, I've already used it to take some professional and personal photos and videos. It's absolutely worth a try!

Camera: Lumix G2
Mount: C-mount > Micro Four Thirds
Edit: PS CS6 50% scaling

Here you can see the sharp torso of the model and blurry shoes. That's exactly how this lens works: gives you sharp image centre and blurry edges. Big like for that!
(It got really cold hence the facial expression)

I just adore the dreamy bokeh it gives on close-ups. Minimum focus distance is about 30 cm/1 ft.

  Pair of photos taken from the same place, with same settings, but focused at different distance.

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