Monday, 25 November 2013

Vivitar 28 mm 1:2.8 MC Close Focus Wide Angle [OM]

It is a beautiful sunny day today. What's more, I couldn't stand noise in my apartment - my neighbour is having some major repairs done. So I took my Vivitar for a walk in the fields.

I remember I rather gave up on this lens. Well, it's nothing pretty special. Focal length 28 mm and aperture 2.8 doesn't make it unusual in any way. I got it with my Olympus OM-10 and used it with that camera as wide angle lens only. But attached to a Micro Four Thirds it gives you eq. of 56 mm @135 type.
As I checked out some online offers, it turns out it's a rather cheap and common lens. Close-up gives you more opportunities to use it. Take a closer look at snaps below.

Vivitar 28/2.8 is really convincing lens for field photography, close-ups and macro shots.
Vivitar 28 mm 2.8, distance to object ca. 11 cm/4.33 in. - closest I could focus at.

Vivitar is sharp from 2.8 and has a really nice bokeh. I wish it was faster, but still really nice.
Camera: Lumix G2
Aperture: all photos were taken with aperture F2.8
Mount: M4/3 > 4/3 > OM
Edit: PS CS6 50% scaling

 An unknown plant and a macro close-up against the sun.

I was curious how it works against the light (as you remember Zykkor had major problems with sharpness and contrast). I've found some nice flares @F16. You might say it's a flaw, but I'm not looking for a perfect lens, but for one that works for particular task.

Vivitar 28 mm 2.8 @F16 - lens flare sample.

Vivitar 28 mm 2.8 @F16 - lens flare sample.

Last pictures show how aperture changes. There are six major steps shown below, but there's also a "click" between them, so you can get 1/2 EV correction.
Vivitar 28 mm 2.8 @2.8

Vivitar 28 mm 2.8 @4.0

Vivitar 28 mm 2.8 @5.6

Vivitar 28 mm 2.8 @8.0

Vivitar 28 mm 2.8 @11.0

Vivitar 28 mm 2.8 @16.0
Here comes the hero:

  Vivitar 28 mm 1:2.8 MC Close Focus Wide Angle [OM]

How do you like it? I'm really surprised!

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  1. All these rather underrated lenses will increase in value as the FF video of Sony7 and Canon D5 mkIII etc attract followers.

    The reason smaller sensor cameras are less popular is nothing to do with depth of focus, it is wide angle lenses. Kowa 6mm lens on BPMCC gives 16mm view. There is no such lens for m4/3 ... It is still possible to find 16 and 17mm lenses for FF for $100. The price difference will fund a FF camera!