Monday, 11 November 2013

Auto Beroflex Lens 85 mm 1:1.7 [M42]

Auto Beroflex Lens 85 mm 1:1.7 (M42)

Here it is. One of my favourites: 85 mm and 1.7 aperture. Isn't that too good to be true?
I've found it in 2008 on Polish auction site and bought it immediately. It was a really lucky shot that time, because price was 1/5 of usual price for that kind of lens. I was pretty anxious if quality will work it, but as it turned out... well, you can see.

All pictures were taken on aperture priority with F1.7, camera Lumix G2.
Mount: M4/3 > 4/3 > M42
Edit: PS CS6 scaling (50%)


Two pairs of photos below are taken from the same place, with same settings, but focused at different distance:

Auto Beroflex Lens 85 mm 1:1.7 (M42)

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