Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Auto Eyemik Multi-Coated 135 mm 1:1.8 [M42, "Lens made in Japan"]

Auto Eyemik Multi-Coated 135 mm 1:1.8 (M42, "Lens made in Japan")

One of the most outstanding lenses I have. It's 135 mm with incredible aperture of 1.8! When I found this one on-line I immediately contacted seller - I just had to have it ;)
It's rather hard to use on micro four thirds cameras (Lumix G2 in this case) because of the crop factor. Eyemik works as 270 mm for full frame (135 film type) - so rather a tool designed for wildlife and paparazzi. Add a very soft depth to it and you get a truly unusual lens for... whatever you can imagine. Take a look...

All pictures were taken on aperture priority with F1.8, camera Lumix G2.
Mount: M4/3 > 4/3 > M42
Edit: PS CS6 scaling



Auto Eyemik Multi-Coated 135 mm 1:1.8 (M42, "Lens made in Japan")


  1. Pawel,

    That is the problem with such lenses, finding a use for them! Too heavy, not long eough, but never too fast! Shallow focus goes with that and means that a shot may be missed?

    Manual focus lenses are still very effective tools and thanks for showing yours off!

    1. That's true - it's really heavy and definitely not a sport or street lens, but it might be good for some portraits outdoors or any arranged photography, when you need this unique look.

      What's more - I used it with Olympus E-3 and it was pain the back to focus it on the focusing screen with your bare eye. Luckily micro 4/3 cameras offer digital zoom when you try to focus manually by enlarging picture on the LCD. And I must say it's so great that I even use my AF lenses on MF, when I need to be certain about the focus spot.

      Glad you enjoyed it! And do not forget to take a look here sometimes - there are many more to come! (Maybe not so fast, but still... ;) ).